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At White Hart Dental we offer a range of Private Treatments for our patients, listed below are all of the fees broken down:

TreatmentFeeDental Plan Member Fee
Routine Consultation and Estimate£35Free
Under 18 Routine Consultation and Estimate£15Free
Small Radiograph£10Free
Emergency Treatment£55 + Cost of TreatmentFree + Cost of treatment
TreatmentFeeDental Plan Member Fee
Dental Hygiene£50£45
Air Polishing£100£90
Fissure Sealant (per tooth)£20Free for Children
Chronic Periodontal Treatment (4 visit treatment)£80 per visit£72 per visit
Study Models£15£13.50
Periodontal Review£40£36
Sports Mouth Guard£70£63
Acrylic Splint to Counter Tooth-Grinding£100£90
TreatmentFeeDental Plan Member Fee
Amalgam Filling£60£54
Composite Front Tooth£65£58.50
Composite Premolar/Molar£130£86.50
Buccal Glass Ionomer or Children’s Filling£50£40.50
Pin for Filling£10£9
Temporary Filling£15£13.50
TreatmentFeeDental Plan Member Fee
Tooth Whitening – Top Up (Per Syringe)£25£25
Tooth Whitening – Home Kit£175£175
TreatmentFeeDental Plan Member Fee
Gold Crown£395£355.50
Bonded Crown£395£355.50
Porcelain Jacket Crown£395£355.50
Inceram or Procera Crown£550£495
Bonded Bridge per Unit or Pontic£395£355.50
Inceram Bridge per Unit or Pontic£550£495
Maryland Bridge One Tooth Replacement£525£472.50
Maryland Bridge Two Teeth Replacement£695£625.50
Maryland Bridge Three Teeth Replacement£785£706.50
Porcelain Inlay£340£265.50
Gold Inlay£310£247.50
Porcelain Veneer£350£292.50
Cast Post & Core£100£90
Pinned Bonded Core£45£40.50
Recement Crown£35£31.50
Recement Veneer£50£45
Recement Bridge£50£40.50
Recement Maryland Bridge£65£58.50
TreatmentFeeDental Plan Member Fee
Front Tooth£175£130.50
Pre Molar£230£171
Pulpotomy (killing the nerve)£40£36
TreatmentFeeDental Plan Member Fee
Deciduous tooth extraction£40£36
Orthodontic Extractions£95 for 2 teeth£85.50 for 2 teeth
Complex Surgical Extraction£95£85.50
TreatmentFeeDental Plan Member Fee
Full Upper and Lower Acrylic£600£505
Full Upper or Lower Acrylic£400£315
Partial Denture£370£288
Partial Chrome£695£625.55
Replacement Tooth (addition)£75£67.50
Reline or Soft Lining per Denture£95£85.50
Repair Denture£75£67.50
Denture Clasps£60£54
Denture Chrome Bar£95£85.50
Flexible Partial Denture£650£540
TreatmentFeeDental Plan Member Fee
Missed hygienist appointment£25£22.50
Missed or cancelled without 24 hours notice (per 15 minutes)£20£18