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All treatment available on the NHS is provided at our dental practice. This includes examinations, scale and polish, fillings, root canal treatment, extractions, crowns, inlays, dentures and some bridges. The NHS fees are broken down into bands as follows:

Band 1


This charge includes an examination,
diagnosis and preventive advice.
If necessary, it also includes X-rays,
scale and polish and planning for further treatment.

Band 2


This charge includes all the necessary
treatment covered by Band 1,
plus additional treatment,
such as fillings,
root canal treatment or extractions.

Band 3


This charge includes all the necessary treatment
that is covered by Band 1 and Band 2,
plus more complex procedures,
such as crowns,
dentures and some bridges.

Emergency Treatment

We are happy to provide emergency treatment even if you are not a patient with us. This might be because you have toothache, swelling or prolonged bleeding after a tooth has been extracted or are in pain and cannot wait until your next appointment. We always try to provide emergency treatment on the same day. For emergency treatment after normal working hours please telephone: 111

Root Canal (or Endodontic) Treatment

The nerves and blood supply to teeth are positioned inside canals. If they become infected this can be painful. Root canal treatment involves cleaning and disinfecting the canals then carrying out a root filling or fillings. This is a complex procedure for which our dentists are specially trained and use the latest materials and equipment.


It is sometimes necessary to extract a badly decayed tooth that cannot be restored or a tooth that is loose. Your dentist will do what they can to try and save your tooth, as extraction is always the last option. Our dentists are trained in all types of extractions and they are normally painless.

Restorative Work

Broken or decayed teeth are restored using different materials. These include amalgam, composite, glass ionomer and inlays/onlays. Your dentist will discuss the best course of treatment with you and advise you of the cost involved.


These are used to replace missing teeth, usually where there are just a few teeth to replace. They are made by putting crowns on the teeth at either side of the space, and then joining these two crowns together by placing a false tooth in the space. Bridges are only possible if you have enough strong teeth with good bone support.


A crown is an artificial restoration that fits over the remaining part of a prepared tooth making it strong and giving it the shape of a natural tooth. It is an ideal restoration for teeth that have been broken or have been weakened by decay or a very large filling. They can be used for other reasons, e.g. if you have discoloured fillings and would like to improve their appearance; you may have had a root filling which may need a crown to protect what is left of the tooth; it may help hold a bridge or denture firmly in place. They can be made from different materials and your dentist will discuss the best option with you.


These are thin slices of porcelain that are made precisely to fit over the visible surface of a front tooth, like a false fingernail fits over a nail. They are an ideal way of treating discoloured or unsightly teeth.

Gum Treatment

This is necessary where gum disease is present. Gum disease describes swelling, soreness or infection of the tissues supporting the teeth. This involves your dentist cleaning your teeth thoroughly to remove the scale. This may require more than one appointment, as he may need to clean the roots of the teeth.

Cosmetic Fillings

Otherwise known as composite fillings, because they are available in a wide range of colours our dentists can match closely the colour of your teeth. We can also replace old-fashioned silver or gold fillings with a natural tooth coloured composite filling.

Teeth Whitening

If your teeth have become discoloured, we can usually whiten them to give you a more pleasing smile and add to your self-confidence. We use the latest materials for an effect which should last from one to three years.

HDL Aligners

HDL Aligners are a series of comfortable, virtually invisible aligners that gently move your teeth to help you straighten and perfect your smile.
Each HDL Aligner is removable and custom made to perfectly fit your mouth.
Over a course of aligners, each worn for two weeks, your teeth are seamlessly straightened to your ideal smile.